Malinda Graham & Associates, Inc. was instituted to
address and support the needs of youth and their families through positive interventions. A holistic approach is used to work within the family unit making referrals when needed to our community collaborative partners. This form of intervention will lead to an increase in resiliency, self esteem, socialization skills and problem solving abilities.
Malinda Graham & Associates, Inc. provides positive, holistic, and individualized support services to youth and their families, recognizing that a child is the only entity from which a confident, competent, responsible, and secure adult can be created.
  •   Mission Statement
  •   Vision Statement
  • Several Medicaid CORE services provided to consumers are:
  • Individual Counseling
  • Behavioral Assistance
  • Family Training/Counseling
  • 24-Hour Crisis Intervention
  • Intensive Family Intervention
  • Community Support Individual
  • Substance Abuse Assessments and Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Drug and Alcohol
MGA is a Medicaid CORE Provider for Children, Adolescent & Adults
Healing One Family at a Time
Malinda Graham & Associates, Inc. 2007
Malinda Graham & Associates, Inc